iamKraft Bio®
Grammage (g/m2)
Air resistance (Gurley, s)
Water absorption (g/m2)
Wet strength (%)

This MF kraft paper grade provides the perfect combination of qualities for compostable food waste disposal, like bags for compostable household waste. It lets household and professional kitchens dispose of food waste responsibly.
Another end use utilizing the strength of the paper combined with the compostability properties is sacks for compostable garden waste.

Household waste
iamKraft Bio® is designed for food disposal solutions

Nordic Paper iamKraft Bio® is approved for food contact in compliance with BfR and FDA and fulfils the standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging - EN 13432. It can also be recycled with carton-board, into new packaging products.

Bäckhammar pulp and paper mill has produced paper since 1871. It is now focusing on niche grades of unbleached Sack, MF and MG kraft papers, as well as special end use adaptions of these grades. The mill is situated in the south-eastern part of the Swedish province Wermland. As a part of Nordic Paper, the Bäckhammar pulp and paper mill is certified ISO9001, FSC and PEFC.

Nordic Paper is a group with very deep roots into the Nordic paper making history, producing pulp and paper since 1871. The production of our 100% virgin fibre, kraft pulp is based on wood from local, sustainable forests and is supplying both kraft paper mills in the group.